The challenge of the built environment is to take man made elements and put them together in such a way that they create an environment that is seemingly natural for humans. The relationship of man and the built environment have duties of comfort and safety, but in a broader spectrum, to give a sense of place. My design solutions combine the environmental effects of sun, wind, and precipitation with the human element of personal style, history, and growth.


The goal of creating a Master Plan is to see a building site and understand its utmost potential. Planning must relate the clients program, budget, and schedule. My designs take into consideration these elements and translate them into the most efficient solutions. The result of the Master Plan is a step by step manual of how the site will be developed.

Interior Design

Our personal space, be it to live, recreate, work or worship should evoke a sense of self. We relate to our surroundings based on past experiences and current trends. By getting to know the client and vivid communication of their likes, dislikes, and how the space will be used; my goal is to create spaces that connect the specific light, texture, and space beyond their imagination.