“Most of us have those moments in our lives that are more than happy accidents. Finding Hines Designs was that for us. Sundra knew exactly what we were talking about in our first conversation that began with tentative and scattered ideas. She rose to the challenge, embraced collaboration and delivered beyond what we could dream.

She is fierce in her drive to deliver the common goals of architectural artist and client. We couldn’t have been happier in seeing her work ethic, talent and honesty displayed all phases of design and construction. The big tell of course is becoming and remaining friends. We are indeed lucky.”

– Barry D, Ridgway CO

“We love our home! Sundra worked with us very closely to really get an idea how we saw our new home and how we would live in it. The very first sketch nailed it and the whole process only got better from that point on. Sundra held our hand through the building process and gave us confidence her design and our ideas would become the beautiful home we love so much.”

– Rich H, Hagerstown MD

“Because of Sundra’s attention to detail and budget and project management skills, we were able to fully complete our dream house which we just love!”

– Steve T & Nancy B, Denver CO